World’s Highest Obstacle Course Race and World’s Highest Fitness Class

Officially recognised and endorsed by World Obstacle

(Federation International De Sports D ’Obstacles)
The recognised standard set for World’s Highest Events world record attempt and ALTITUDE OCR World Championships

10 x Obstacles set over a minimum 100m distance:

Cargo Net Crawl
Balance Beams
Sandbag Carry
Low Wall
Cargo Net Climb
High Wall
Monkey Bars
Hanging Traverse
Mountain Swing
The Wall

The recognised Standard Completion Criteria for World’s Highest Events and Altitude OCR World Championships
Finishers must complete phase one by Summitting the highest course point on the Mountain.
Finishers must complete phase two: The Obstacle Course as follows;

  • Each competitor travels individually and unassisted.
  • Course is between a pre-determined start line and pre-determined finish line with a minimum distance of 100m.
  • Complete at least 50% of the obstacles.
  • Mandatory obstacle first attempt on each obstacle.
  • Maximum 3 attempts on each obstacle.
  • Compulsory 3-minute medical check after each obstacle.
  • If the medical director/staff confirm the participant is not medically fit to carry on, they will need to descend immediately due to safety event rules which are in the best interest of every participant.

Finishers must complete phase three: Descending the Mountain unassisted over the finish line.
Competitors must abide by the general competition criteria specified in the FISO Competition Rules Master Source Document. Race number and Uniform Rules do not apply.

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