Qualifying Criteria

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  • Provide a letter from a licensed physician stating they are fit and healthy for the event.

  • Have ascended:

    • a 3,000m+ within 12 months of the event date or;
    • a 4,000m+ within 18 months of the event date or;
    • a 5,000m+ within 24 months of the event date or;
    • a 6,000m+ within 36 months of the event date or:
  • Other documented experience at altitude approved by the event medical director.

  • Registered with their National Federation of World Obstacle, the Federation Internationale de Sport d ’Obstacles (FISO) National Federation Member.

  • Have a documented strong base line of health and fitness. Competitors may be required to provide a doctor’s certificate stating they are in good health and adequate condition to make the ascent.

  • Documented record of completion of an organised competition that demonstrates the individual’s determination, strong mind-set, and adherence to competition rules.

  • Agree to the FISO Anti-doping rules. This may include random sampling, before, during or after the event.

  • Agree to Altitude OCR World Championships Competition Rules and the FISO Competition Rules MSD (Master Source Document).

  • Confirm adequate preparation for the challenge and satisfying entry criteria.

  • Minimum age 16 years old on the start day of competition.